Nadya is Asked About OctoDad

Nadya Suleman hates talking about the father of her 14 kids. Nobody but Nadya knows the identity of the OctoDad. That's sad that she won't allow her own kids to know who their own father is-don't they have a right to know?

Nadya has "no comment" on a lot of questions and won't reveal much. The only thing she says is that he's not American, he's a platonic friend only, and she reluctantly reveals he lives in California.

She also said she'll never reveal his identity.

Guess her 14 kids will have a lot of questions for the both of them when they get older and start asking questions about, "Who's Dad?" and "Where's Dad?" and "Why doesn't Dad ever come see us?"


  1. plenty of fathers from divorced families never make the effort to see their kids.
    how do single mothers explain their bad choices in fathers to their kids and without upsetting the child's identity?
    i grew up without a father. does it matter? it has made me who i am good or bad, handicaps and ambitions.
    since there are so many more divorces than when i grew up does that make all the kids of those divorced families somehow less?
    you can argue this till the cows come home. i do not think there is a cookie cutter answer to what makes a good family. as long as a child has at least one loving and caring adult in their environment they can survive and thrive. as long as they can see good adult behaviour they want to emulate they can find a path. from all accounts nadya's parents are decent people. and to the point even they say she is an exemplary mother. pity the media cannot hear that being said.

  2. Don't worry about them as they are not your kids, but explain me what gives you right to know who their dad is? Can someone have privacy at all? She may or may not tell her kids who their dad is as they grow older. To those who ask this question, may I ask you who your dad is? Did your mom lied or told you the truth? Do you have a DNA varification? Can I look at your certificate? My questions sound stupid, but your questions are not less stupid. I say LET HER LIVE HER LIFE, YOU HAVE NO REASION TO INVADE HER PRIVACY? This is all media circus to earn more money from the story.