Full Interview of Ed Doud With Oprah

Ed Doud, an Iraqi American and father of the notorious Octomom Nadya Suleman gave an interview with Oprah. You can watch the full interview here. The funniest part of the interview was when they were talking about how expensive it was to raise kids and Oprah said, "You have a lot of kids." Ed said "I have ONE child and she's STILL costing me a lot of money."

Ed Doud also expresses his anger at the doctor who implanted Nadya and tries to defend her.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Nadya Talks More with Radar Online

Radar Online released another video clip of Nadya Suleman answering questions with her mother Angela Suleman beside her.

Here is the link to watch that video clip:

Boycot Custom Kingdom Kids Clothing

Instead of choosing to help families who are truly in need such as single mothers working their butt's off at minimum wage jobs to try to support their kids, which sells kids clothing under names like ipoo, ninja, and security, has decided to give away tons of free clothing to a woman who used government money that was supposed to be for her kids to have more kids via IVF.

Nadya Suleman knew exactly what she was doing and these crazy companies are rewarding her for it! TLC had the smarts to say No to a reality show featuring the overcrowded family, but Custom Kingdom clothing is not so smart and needs to be boycotted.

They want to give away $500 of free clothing every month to the Suleman family. They can give away all the clothes they want, but paying customers should boycott the company.

CNN Talks About Octomom's Interview With Dr. Phil

It took about an hour of Dr. Phil questioning her over and over and over to finally get Nadya to admit that getting more IVF could have been a mistake, an anchor of the TV show said.

Nadya Suleman Talks to Dr. Phil

What was she thinking? Did she get paid for appearing on Dr. Phil? Dr. Phil is not known for being easy on his guests, he asks tough questions. But Nadya sure has a gift for talking.

Here is a short snippet of the interview. When/if the full show is uploaded, I will upload it here.

Gloria Allred Talks About Nadya Suleman and the Kids

The state of California will be paying for the care of the Octuplets as well as SSI for 3 of her older 6 kids as well as foodstamps.

ABC News has a segment where attorney Gloria Allred gives her opinions.


Nadya and Angela Suleman Part 2

Nadya Suleman would go and get IVF treatment without even telling her parents. When her stomach started expanding once she said she had a tumor. Then she kept having babies and leaving most of the financial responsibility to her parents and the rest to the government. She has no regrets.

Nadya Suleman Goes Off On Her Mom

Octomom Nadya Suleman doesn't seem to appreciate anything her Mom Angela Suleman has done for her. Such as raising her 6 kids while she was in the hospital or spending her entire social security check on the 6 older kids.

On this video by Radar Online, Nadya Suleman goes off on her Mom because Angela didn't think she should have anymore kids.

Here's the link to watch the video. Radar Online doesn't let you embed videos.


Octuplets Grandpa to be on Oprah

Ed Doud, Nadya Suleman's Dad calls his daughter irresponsible on the Oprah Winfrey Show. He asks the public not to punish his daughter or the babies for what she did. The show was taped and is scheduled to air on February 24th.


Where Are the Octuplets Father

Angela Suleman gives an interview with CBS News. She says that all children need a father and that her daughter Nadya is selfish for not wanting her kids to have a father. She wants to raise her brood on her own.

Watch CBS Videos Online


Angels in Waiting Giving Suleman Family Free Help and Shelter

Angels in Waiting, a California non profit group has offered Nadya Suleman round the clock care and a place to stay. It would cost about $135,000 a month to provide the 12 caretakers for all the children which comes from public donations.

Angels in Waiting has trained staff and are able to care for sick children, but after this story gets out, I don't think anyone will want to donate to Angels in Waiting ever again.

Uh Oh-Octuplet Family Could Face Foreclosure

On February 9th, the Suleman home, where Nadya, her 6 older children, and her parents live went into mortgage default after not paying the mortgage in 10 months. If the house goes into foreclosure, where will the Suleman family and the Octuplets live? Nadya needs to be praying hard the home doesn't go into foreclosure, otherwise her 14 kids could be put in state custody.

It's not hard to believe the mortgage hasn't been paid in 10 months, trying to raise 6 kids and provide for all their needs. Nadya does get nearly $500 in foodstamps which helps with food, but what an awful time to get more IVF treatment, when you can't even pay the mortgage.

Nadya could have used that $15,000 for IVF treatment to go towards paying some of the mortgage so they will have a home to live in as well as provide for the 6 kids she already has. Now there are 8 more children to worry about providing for.

Nadya Suleman Won't Have Sex for 18 Years

Nadya Suleman said in an interview that she won't have sex until the kids turn 18 years old. She says she hasn't had sex in 8 years. We all know her she got pregnant by IVF.

The last time Nadya had sex was with her ex-husband and she admitted she was more in love with having kids than with him.

She said that she can't be a mother and have a social life at the same time, that that would be irresponsible. She is completely focused on her kids and doesn't have the time or desire for a boyfriend.


Angela Suleman: Octpulet Doctor Is a Liar

According to Angela Suleman, the grandmother taking care of her 6 older grandkids aged 2-7, Dr. Kamrava is a liar and should be help accountable for implanting 6 embryos in Nadya. She said she begged him not to implant Nadya with anymore embroys because and he agreed not to, but then he went ahead and implanted them anyway.

Angela sat down with an interview with CBS news. Here is that interview on her opinions on the situation.

Watch CBS Videos Online


Watch Nadya Suleman On Dateline

Watch the full Dateline Hour of Nadya Suleman's interview.

Bill O'Reilly Calls For All Suleman Children to be Removed From Home

Bill O'Reilly calls for all the Suleman children to be taken away from the Suleman home by the state of California. He wonders how on earth 14 kids and 3 adults can live in a 3 bedroom home. He and his guests also call for Nadya and her doctor, Dr. Kamrava to be placed under psychiatric evaluation.

Meet the Octuplets

These are the first pictures of the Suleman Octuplets. They are 6 boys and 2 girls. The fertilization doctor implanted 6 embryos (while guidelines suggest 2) and 2 of them split making twins.

They all share the middle name Angel and most of them were given biblical names.

The Octuplets names:
They were born as healthy as you could hope for Octuplets and they will stay in the hospital for probably a few more months. Meanwhile everyone is wondering how 8 babies will fit into a 3 bedroom house which already has 6 kids.
Noah - male, 2 lbs 11 oz
Maliah - female, 2 lbs 12 oz
Isaiah - male, 3 lbs 4 oz
Nariah - female, 2 lbs 8 oz
Makai - male, 1 lb 8 oz
Josiah - male, 2 lbs 12 oz
Jeremiah - male, 1 lb 15 oz
Jonah - male, 2 lbs 11 oz

The Official Nadya Suleman Website Shut Down

Nadya Suleman had a free publicist from the Furtney Group which made a website called the Nadya Suleman Family website at The website showed pictures of all 8 Octuplets as well as a button to send monetary donations via paypal.

However, after recieving death threats, the publicist quit and the website has been shut down. It is not known if Nadya will get a new publicist or not.

Nadya Suleman Gives Interview to Ann Curry

Nadya Suleman opened up to Ann Curry, explaining how she ended up with 14 kids and how she expects to raise them.

The video is available on YouTube.

Meet The 14 Suleman Kids

By now we all know Nadya Suleman has 14 kids. Here are the names and ages of the older 6 kids which includes one set of twins as well as the Octuplets.

7-year-old Elijah Makai Solomon
6-year-old Amerah Yasmeen Solomon
5-year-old Joshua Jacob Solomon
3-year-old Aiden Solomon
2-year-old Calyssa Arielle Solomon
2-year-old Caleb Kai Solomon
Here are the names and birth weights of the Octuplets. They all have the middle name Angel.

Noah - male, 2 lbs 11 oz
Maliah - female, 2 lbs 12 oz
Isaiah - male, 3 lbs 4 oz
Nariah - female, 2 lbs 8 oz
Makai - male, 1 lb 8 oz
Josiah - male, 2 lbs 12 oz
Jeremiah - male, 1 lb 15 oz
Jonah - male, 2 lbs 11 oz