Look Inside the Insane Child Stomping Baby Home of Octomom

Oprah interviewed Nadya Suleman and the cameras got a peek inside the scary home of the single mom of 14 kids.

A clip from TMZ shows one of the older kids, Clarissa stomping on Noah, one of the octuplets and another part shows Nadya telling one of the kids he has to go to school or child protective services will take him away.


Good thing Noah didn't get stomped to death.

Here is the link to TMZ-


Nadya Suleman on The View 2-24-10

Nadya Suleman went looney tunes, cuckoo for cocoa puffs, lunatic crazy on The View. Her crazy laughing did make for a good laugh. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was an idiot on the show. Barbara Walters asked a serious question about if the sperm donor/biological father was in the kids lives and right after Nadya said "no and not sure and it isn't my place" idiot Elisabeth Hasselbeck changed the subject so no one else had a chance to ask why she didn't want her kids to have a father in their lives with a question about the doctor.

The interview was very short and Nadya talked a mile a minute and laughed like a mad woman the entire time, leaving many unasked questions. Whoopi seemed to be the one who took it the most seriously looking at Octomom like she grew 10 heads and turned green.