Look Inside the Insane Child Stomping Baby Home of Octomom

Oprah interviewed Nadya Suleman and the cameras got a peek inside the scary home of the single mom of 14 kids.

A clip from TMZ shows one of the older kids, Clarissa stomping on Noah, one of the octuplets and another part shows Nadya telling one of the kids he has to go to school or child protective services will take him away.


Good thing Noah didn't get stomped to death.

Here is the link to TMZ-


Nadya Suleman on The View 2-24-10

Nadya Suleman went looney tunes, cuckoo for cocoa puffs, lunatic crazy on The View. Her crazy laughing did make for a good laugh. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was an idiot on the show. Barbara Walters asked a serious question about if the sperm donor/biological father was in the kids lives and right after Nadya said "no and not sure and it isn't my place" idiot Elisabeth Hasselbeck changed the subject so no one else had a chance to ask why she didn't want her kids to have a father in their lives with a question about the doctor.

The interview was very short and Nadya talked a mile a minute and laughed like a mad woman the entire time, leaving many unasked questions. Whoopi seemed to be the one who took it the most seriously looking at Octomom like she grew 10 heads and turned green.


Interview with Nadya Suleman with Kids

This is an interview with Nadya Suleman from Radar Online with some of her kids in the room. This interview is from March 3rd. She talks about her new house, which she's already moved into so that news is a little old. But you get a glimpse at what life is like in Nadya's house with her brood.

In the beginning one of the kids is whining and hitting her. Then through the rest of the interview you can hear the kids in the background and it ends with them playing on a trampoline.

If Nadya can have 6 kids 7 and under and not go insane and pull all her hair out with all that noise, whining, crying, and hitting and wanted more, she really must be some kind of Super Mom, or as her Mom says, obsessed with kids.

Seems she would be in heaven running a day care center. She could of just had a few kids and spent everyday working in a daycare center surrounded with kids. But then she wouldn't be famous.

Well, Nadya is better than me, because I would go absolutely bat crazy with all that whining, noise, and chaos in the house, but she seems to always keep her cool. Is she on sedatives or anxiety meds or is she so naturally calm?

Here is the link to watch the video on Radar Online, which doesn't allow you to embed their videos.


Nadya is Asked About OctoDad

Nadya Suleman hates talking about the father of her 14 kids. Nobody but Nadya knows the identity of the OctoDad. That's sad that she won't allow her own kids to know who their own father is-don't they have a right to know?

Nadya has "no comment" on a lot of questions and won't reveal much. The only thing she says is that he's not American, he's a platonic friend only, and she reluctantly reveals he lives in California.

She also said she'll never reveal his identity.

Guess her 14 kids will have a lot of questions for the both of them when they get older and start asking questions about, "Who's Dad?" and "Where's Dad?" and "Why doesn't Dad ever come see us?"

Nadya Explains Why She Fired Free Nannies

In this interview with Radar Online, who pays Nadya Suleman for her interviews, Nadya explains why she fired the free Angels in Waiting Nannies.

Fired Nanny Speaks Out Against Octomom

A fired Nanny from Angels in Waiting, who provided free 24 hour child care for Nadya Suleman's kids spoke out about her chaotic experience in Nadya's home.

She said the 6 older kids ran wild, had no type of routine or schedule, no bedtime, and would stay up until 2am. She said a child escaped at 2am and she had to go outside to get him.

She said Nadya's home was chaotic and that was an understatement.

It's also been reported by Nannies that Nadya has nothing or little to do with her kids unless the cameras are rolling. And when there's no cameras rolling she's either out shopping or in her room by herself and has nothing to do with the kids while the Nannies take care of them.

Nadya's Secret to Weight Loss

Nadya Suleman says she gained 130 pounds while pregnant with her octuplets. 130 pounds? Whoa!

She has had rapid weight loss and says she has about 40 more pounds to lose.

Her secret was two simple words. Constantly moving.