Fired Nanny Speaks Out Against Octomom

A fired Nanny from Angels in Waiting, who provided free 24 hour child care for Nadya Suleman's kids spoke out about her chaotic experience in Nadya's home.

She said the 6 older kids ran wild, had no type of routine or schedule, no bedtime, and would stay up until 2am. She said a child escaped at 2am and she had to go outside to get him.

She said Nadya's home was chaotic and that was an understatement.

It's also been reported by Nannies that Nadya has nothing or little to do with her kids unless the cameras are rolling. And when there's no cameras rolling she's either out shopping or in her room by herself and has nothing to do with the kids while the Nannies take care of them.


  1. why would a nursing group that specialises in foster care be involved in this case unless they had an ulteria motive?
    for all her venom, nadya's mother said nadya was a good mother, as did her father.
    i feel that motherhood has become a mine field. if you do not agree with how someone mother's then report them to cps. how much of cps time is eaten up with false claims.
    kaiser hospital staff put demands for nadya to comply before they would release the children and she did. they are also mandated to report to cps and they didn't. that should tell you something about where this nursing group is coming from.
    also what happened to the money that was donated to them for the babies' care. they only lasted 5 days. their site said they didn't have to give it back. what sort of organisation are they?

  2. Motherhood has ...not...become a mind field!..What you don't get is, most of us, love our children, and wish we wish we could give them more time. I have one and can barely make ends meet.

    Imagine how I, and others that would have loved to have more kids but knew we would short change the one that we did have. Imagine how we feel when we find out that our tax money has gone to support this pond scum and at our, and our children's expense?

  3. gonesi, from your comment then i can take it that you are upset more about the financial aspect of this?
    since it seems a done deal that she will get her own reality show and be financially responsible for herself and her kids then you should have no qualms about her any more?