Angels in Waiting Files Complaints Against Octomom

Nadya Suleman fired Angels in Waiting because she felt they were there to spy on her.

Angels in Waiting nurses fired back saying Nadya was only involved with the babies when cameras were around. That she ignored the babies and only fed them when a camera crew came in, leaving the rest of the care completely on the nursing staff.

Here is a video on this from CNN:


Nadya Fires Angels in Waiting is getting so many exclusive interviews with Nadya Suleman, it's a wonder how much they are paying her to get her to talk.

From Radaronline, Nadya has told them that she has fired the volunteer Angels in Waiting staff who would provide care for all the babies, free of charge. Instead she wants to hire her own Nannies to help take care of her 14 strong brood. She must be getting the Nanny money from Dr. Phil and Radar Online.

In the picture shown Nadya is buying just one little package of Huggies. Umm, with that many babies, that little package might last an hour.

Octomom Says She Would Be on Welfare

If not for getting money from Dr. Phil and getting help from groups like Angels in Waiting, Nadya Suleman says she would have taken "governmental assistance."


Nadya Sulmen Gets Piled With Freebies

Octomom and her brood of 14 are getting tons of freebies from all over.

Nadya is getting 24 hour care for her 14 kids 24 hours a day.

Dr. Phil has donated an unknown amount to Nadya and set up a donation page on his website. At least Oprah has some sense in her brain and didn't buy her a new house or something. Oprah is known for being generous and has bought previous guests in need new houses or cars.

Angels in Waiting is offering 12 volunteers a day to help with the preemies.

As for Nadya's new house, she is getting new hardwood floors,
rocking chairs, changing tables, armoires, dressers and bunk beds. A company is also designing her nursery.

Everything is free.

Many companies and individuals have offered Nadya various freebies.

Nadya must feel very blesssed and lucky to get so much help.


The Nadya Suleman 911 Phone Call

Last year, when she couldn't find her son, Nadya Suleman called 911 and threatened to kill herself. The 911 operator told her not to talk like that in front of her other kids.

Nadya's Second Publicist Quits

Victor Munoz, Nadya's second publicist quit. He called her nuts and real greedy but would not go into specific details. He couldn't handle her and said he quit for personal reasons.


Nadya Suleman is Getting a New Home

Nadya's Mom's house is in foreclosure because she's $20,000 behind in her mortgage payments because her entire check goes toward paying for Nadya's 6 kids. Nadya seemingly does not care or is so out of touch with reality she doesn't see the huge burden she's putting on her Mom, because she of course had Octuplets.

But the good news for Nadya is that her Dad, Ed Doud is purchasing a new home for her in La Habra, California.

The house has 2,600 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a fenced in backyard.

It will still be tough to fit 14 kids in that house, but at least it's better than 3 bedrooms. What will happen to her Mom if her house is foreclosed on and she's homeless? Maybe Nadya will let her move in.

Nadya will also accept free help from Angels in Waiting. She won't move into their facility, but she will accept any other help they provide to her.

She needs as many volunteers as she can get to care for the huge brood of kids. It will be a challenge for her to be able to give personal attention to each child-if not impossible.

Dr. Phil and Nadya Suleman Interview Part 2

Dr. Phil is apparently smitten or something with Nadya Suleman. He did not treat her like a regular guest. He was really easy on her compared to other guests.

Not only that, he wants YOU, the public to give her money!!! He even set up a place on his website where you can donate money to Nadya Suleman. Are you going to donate to her?

Watch for the part where he asks her is she was a counselor and someone in her position who already had 6 kids, was unemployed and living with her parents wanted IVF what would she say? Her answer was counselors don't give advice LOL.

Well here is the interview. It's in 5 parts because Youtube limits the video lengths to 10 mins. or less:

The Dr. Phil and Nadya Suleman Interview Part 1

This was a terrible interview. Dr. Phil tries to hard to overdramatize things and be melodramatic. The interview was so horrible I'm not even going to embed the videos here, but I will embed the videos of Part 2 of the interview.

This is why Dr. Phil is so annoying. It will show a clip of him asking Nadya the Octomom a question, (the interview was pre-recorded not live) and then before she could answer the interview would stop and it would show him in front of his studio audience babbling and trying to make the interview seem more dramatic than it really was.

Then of course the commercial break.

Then after the commercial break he babbles again, then goes back to the interview and you can hear his question again and Nadya's answer. It was really annoying to watch.

Not only that, but Nadya sure is a babbler and half the time you don't know what she's talking about. She rarely gives direct answers but just starts rambling about this and that, trying to use big words and you're like "huh?" It's hard to tell what she's even saying.

If you want to see the interview, here is the link to part 1, then you can find the rest of the parts on youtube.