Nadya Explains Why She Fired Free Nannies

In this interview with Radar Online, who pays Nadya Suleman for her interviews, Nadya explains why she fired the free Angels in Waiting Nannies.


  1. I think everyone should back off and quit giving this thing free anything. She can't take care of them, otherwise, her Mother wouldn't have been doing it for years.

    She is a spoiled brat, that is now sucking it up from everyone else. If she is so great, let her take care of them by herself!

    Isn't that what this super mom is professing she wanted todo?

    Maybe 14 makes you turn a new leaf, as opposed to 6 or 7 she had in her litter before and she didn't work!

  2. Nayda, herself is a victim, for when the press got a hold of her personal life, her births, her existing children, they made an instant decision all was wrong. There was no husband, she not being married, living with her parents at the time etc. All of that put a real negative on her love for children, her abilities to be able to care for them etc. My family originally from Europe, as many of us in the United States, some had up words of 18 children. Who said anything then? I believe that people are really trying to take her children away from her not even giving her a chance to show anyone what her abilities are! If she is watched closely and given a chance, is what she is only asking for, and there is a problem then maybe give her more guidance, if that doesn't help then seek other avenues. I personally don't know her and really don't care of this situation but she didn't try to have 8 more children, but the eggs all developed. What was she to do? Bottom line is that it is what it is.. Why can't America step up to the plate and help her?? Does it really matter if she has government assistance? Many of us in this economy have to have it grr, maybe not wanting to but do! I don't think this young lady was seeking that in the beginning of her journey, only had to take it when her children had health issues that she couldn't control. Let things come as they will with this, there is no real threat, nor would there have been, till the media got a hold of her births! Her conditions were bad yes, but she didn't try to give birth to 8 more! Life throws at us many avenues, things we don't expect! She is trying her best to make it.. Can't we just try to lend a hand?
    Yes she made a mistake a huge one.. but... she is a mother, and loves her children.. watch, listen, help